About Ben

My name is Johan Bernard (Ben) Gosman. Born at April 10 1963. After being active as an Event Organizer for more than twenty years and as a chairman of several trade and professional organisations in live communication, I started the company JBG Event Consultancy in 2009. I am an Event Marketing Consultant in the broadest sense of the word. Working in live communication projects as well as in the field of Consulting. My strength lies within the translation of Strategic choices into Tactical and Operational operations.

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Below you will find an overview of my education and functions.


Education & Positions

After graduating the Casimir Lyceum, in 1988, I successfully fulfilled the ALO Academy for Physical Education.

  • Started Free Style (www.freestyle.nl) in 1998, currently known as Free Style Events.
  • New website for 5***** Experience(d) Travellers (FIT), expected to launch (www.freestyleleisure.com).
  • Author of the book: Cavemen Never Do Business (www.cavemenneverdobusiness.com).
  • In 2012 President SITE NL (www.sitenederland.nl).
  • From 1998 till 2003 founder & chairman of EventPlatform (www.EventPlatform.nl)
  • From 1995 till 2001 founder & chairman of DMSA/OEO, currently named IDEA (www.IDEAonline.nl).
  • Co-Author of the book: Relatie Versterkende Evenementen (co-production with Gerdie Schreuders, 1995).
  • Closely involved in the development of the Event Marketing certification of the knowledge centre of the DMSA.
  • Lecturer at SRM SP (in cooperation with Gerdie Schreuders).
  • Lecturer at several Academies & Universities for instance SCOM, CHNN, HHM, Academy for Management, HES Amsterdam, HEAO Utrecht, Erasmus University.
  • ‘Associate’ at the NHTV, Breda.
  • Columnist for several Event Marketing Magazines, global
  • Recent updates via Linkedin